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Some words from Mindaugas Budra

Mindaugas Budra won the second prise for "most outstanding contribution" in the PIPE project. According to the Jury: "He has been one of the key persons at the international events, even from the very beginning. He already was a natural leader before PIPE started, but he has developed his skills and is an outstanding example of other youths and adults about community spirit. He has presented the PIPE project in the local council and has been an active contributor to dissemination of PIPE by the use of the PIPE website and local media." Mindaugas was glad to answer some questions regarding award and PIPE project
2004-06-04

PIPE manager in Lithuanian press

Why is it worth to dance to the PIPE sound?

When we talk about investment in business, we think about the money first of all. Money is very important. But to invest in the future generation is also very important and maybe it is even more important than to invest in a single business. Such investment in future innovations can be teaching and motivation of young enthusiastic people.
2004-07-29

Look at Lithuanian girls!!!

During PIPE EXPO a wonderful project were presented by PIPE culture group from Alytus, Lithuania. It was called "Lithuanian girl". Many participants and guests of the EXPO had a possibility to take pictures acting as a girl from Lithuania. Look, maybe you find yourself!!!
2004-05-19

Invitation to visit Business Angel web-site

"Business angel" has a new website. At the moment site is not finished, but now we are working hardly on it. You can find much info in it. There are many articles about our project, members, supporters, activity and more.
2004-05-14

A big hug from Alytus

The youth of Alytus want to say thank you to everybody who was involved in the PIPE project. Every person is important and everybody can make a difference, but not alone. PIPE unifies people and makes them stronger in their ideas implementation and contribution to all community. We all were given the feeling that we can be heard and can make changes for the welfare of our region.
2004-05-13

by Mindaugas Budra, member of Alytus Youth Center project

A big drop in the ocean hopefully

Today it seems likely that Alytus will become a southern center of Lithuania in many various fields not only in theory but also in practice. We can reach such purpose sooner if we plan our every step attentively. Even if this project is a drop in the ocean, we think that this drop is quite big. We do believe that it would really help the town image to improve!

Check out the amazing website !

Youth center project in Alytus is ready

The Alytus Youth Center project group has made a brilliant website loaded with images, drawings, ideas proposal and descriptions. The conslusion is outlined as follows: "The building is suitable for many activities of the Youth Center. Most rooms could be used with a purpose but first some renovation needed. With this project comes our vision and proposals how to reorganize this disused building into a modern Youth Center for the whole Dzûkija region."
2004-04-18 More...

The book based on the reseach data was published

A great monograph was written and published by Eugenija Krukauskiene,
Inija Trinkuniene and Viktorija Zilinskaite. The book is called - Youth
Cultural Identity: Priorities, Attitudes, Ethnic Culture. It is based on
research data: the cohort - longitudinal research of school-grades conducted in
Lithuania in 2002; and the comparative research of identity, initiated and
sponsored by PIPE project, conducted in Lithuania, Latvia and Norway in
2004-04-15 More...

By Dovile and Gytis

About some project in Alytus

Few days ago Alytus City Municipality council hall was almost full of schoolchildren. They were gathered together by the gripping posters in their schools announcing that young workers are needed. This meeting was organized by youngsters from the "Business Angel", where they learn the basics of business. In this meeting we could see not only interested youth, but also the mayor of Alytus Vytautas Kirkliauskas and PIPE project coordinator in Alytus city Ilona Navickienë.

2004-04-14 More...

By Dovile Jaciunskaite

From the article that was published in the newspaper Alytaus Naujienos

On the 20th of March in Alytus we had a great event to mark the Global Earth day. Vida Macerniene the Head of Environment Protection Division from Urban Economy Department in Alytus City Municipality offered the youth from PIPE to make some kind of event for the Earth's Day. Two PIPE'rs Ausra and Evelina were clever in contacting the municipality and helping to organize this extraordinary event. A lot of young people joined them because Alytus youth is very cooperative.
2004-04-01 More...

The Earth Day celebration in Alytus

On the 20th of March all around the world the Earth Day was celebrated. Every country or even town chose its own way to mention this special day. The Urban Economy Department from Alytus City Municipality decided to organize a very exciting and interesting event together with the PIPE youth regarding this occasion.
2004-04-01 More...

By Giedre

Rock opera will be shown during Alytus City days in June

A press conference was held on the river ice near the Alytus Mound. This place will be used like a stage for the rock opera "Shepherd of fishes" in this summer. The authors of the musical want to show to the people a beauty of the mound through a historical prism. Ethnographical music and symbols will be used there for to intertwine historical events and mystery of existents. Main character is Shepherd of fishes. He can enter people dreams. The other personage is a rafter between two banks of the river. He is like a middleman between life and death.
2004-03-23 More...

By Indre and Giedre

Film shooting

The PIPE youth tourism group in Alytus are making a short film. This film is going to present our town as a location attractive to live and visit. In the film it will be shown different activities of the youth like culture events, extracurricular and leisure time activities existing in the city. The film shooting is almost done already. It is left just some last but not least episodes.
2004-03-17

By Dovile Jaciunskaite

Our project is called "Business map"

"Our project is very interesting and very special to us." The business group in Alytus is very active. In this article written by Dovile Jaciunskaite you can read about their project and what they are trying to achieve.
2004-03-15 More...

04 03 2004

A guest from Alytus City Municipality

While making the Business Map of Alytus town the youths meet a lot of obstacles. The main task for the young people is to get as much information about the firm as they can. There are a lot of businessmen who don't want to co-operate with the youths. Where is the problem?
2004-03-10