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Youth Exchange between Cesis and Østfold

Here is a resyme and som pictures from the youth exchange between Cesis and Øsfold
2003-04-08

Norwegian student observes Cesis

Cesis town, a town with potential!

Cesis have beautiful buildings and nice streets. The potential to improve the standard of the town is great and it can definitely become a tourist attraction within few years.
2003-04-02 Les mer...

Some words about actions in Cesis

Hello for all PIPE web page's visitors. Today at Cesis was very interesting day for all youth, who worked at "field-work", for example 1. main group visited old castle in centre of Cesis City. It was very interesting and maybe a little dangerous, becouse castle was very, very old, it was built in 13 th century.
But now some words about future.
2003-04-02

Day two...

Norwegian youth have entered Cesis

The day started early and fresh, the first day in April.
9 am the Latvian and the Norwegian youths met up in the Town Hall in Cesis. There were presentations both from two Latvians students and all the Norwegian students.
2003-04-01 Les mer...

Fieldwork in Cesis

Nice weather in Cesis today !

Today the PIPE project is undertaking a youth exchange between Ostfold and Cesis. 40 youths are gathered here and they are working right now. This is a message from the documentation group, that will present what's going on here during 3 days.
2003-04-01 Les mer...