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By Edgars Vimba

Youth exchange between Cesis and Østfold

21. 03. - 28. 03. a youth exchange between Cesis and Østfold took place. There came 36 students and 4 teachers to Latvia. "I think this week was very useful and it helped to maintain the great PIPE spirit that includes the transnational cooperation as well. I hope that our guests enjoyed these days. "
2004-04-02 More...


Youth exchange between Cesis and Østfold

Week 13 Cesis and Østfold had a youth exchange. 36 students and 4 teachers from Norway went to Cesis. We went by bus to Stockholm and by the ferry, Riga Baltica, from Stockholm to Riga.

The programme was very good, exciting and many-sided. The picture is from a very good performance students from Cesis City Grammar School did.
2004-03-29


"Community Entrepreneurship" - a cooperation between Cesis and Mysen

We are three girls from Mysen Upper Secondary School who are making a sculpture in the centre of Mysen in cooperation with a Latvian artist
2004-03-02

by Edgars Vimba

The Youth Conference and future challanges !

"The conference is over, but the ideas will live also after this event as well. The ideas are now collected - and they are very good. But now the ideas must be realized." Egdars Vimba is in this article giving his views about the Youth Conference in Türi and about the future challanges for Türi town.
2004-02-08

By Edgars Vimba

The PIPE project evaluation event in Latvia

The PIPE project in the Cesis region in Latvia was finaced by PHARE CBC and they have according to the project plan ended their activities in September 2003. However, the partcipants form Cesis are still going to join the project until the EXPO 2004, but that will be without external funding from the PHARE CBC program.
Edgars Vimba is writing about the evaluation event earlier this autumn.
2003-10-04 More...

Latvia will enter the European Union

The referendum shows that 67 % of the votes are positive to latvian membership. In front of the referendum there has been a quite big debate going on in Latvia about the membership. Only in the easternmost part of Latvia (Latgalle) there was a majority against the membership. In Cesis region 80 % voted yes ! Check the regional results at this link: Diena
2003-09-21

by Edgars Vimba

Youth day in Cesis

In this article Edgars Vimba is describing the Youth day in Cesis 1. september prepared by the Cesis City Youth Council.
2003-09-08

Pictures from the signing seremony

Future Charter in Cesis

The pictures shows students, politicians, experts and supervisors involved in the project. The seremony took place in Cesis the 27 of August 2003. The Charter will be published in english later.
2003-09-03

by Edgars Vimba

Future Charter in Cesis region

In this article Edgars Vimba is telling about the future charter in Cesis, the background and the content. "On the 27 of August the Future Charter of Cesis was signed by the Mayor of Cesis city Gints Ðíenders, the chairman of Cesis District council Andris Neimanis, the planning experts of Cesis city and district, the chairmen of many rural municipalities and, of course, by young people." For more pictures from the signing seremony click here
2003-09-03

Learn latvian or only watch the pictures !

Links to the Latvian website

There is a lot of info from the Innovation Camp at the latvian webpage. It is mainly written for the latvians, but enjoy the pictures or use it as an opportunity to learn a new language !

Click here for access to the webpage

2003-08-01 More...

Newspaper article in Druva, the local newspaper in Cesis

2003-07-29

View some more pictures from the Alytus Conference

Have a nice summer !

We are happy to see that the latvian website is updating their picture gallery. It is well worth a visit.
2003-07-12

More pictures from fantastic days in Cesis

Slides from Cesis

PIPE project in Latvia

In Latvia they have received support from PHARE and they are co-operating together with INTERREG IIIB. You can find more info about the latvian project by clicking into their website http://www.cesis.lv/pipe/
2003-05-21

Innovation Camp a great success !

The Innovation Camp in Cesis is ending today, at the Europe Day May 9. The participants come from all 7 countries participating in PIPE. The students have presented their Youth Enterprises and there have been several interesting speeches from experts. Even the weather have been nice.