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by Edgars Vimba
Cesis and Østfold cooperate again 2003-10-04
Edgars Vimba has written this article about the latest youth exchange between Østfold and Cesis which took place in Østfold in the end of September this year. The young people and some leaders from Cesis stayed and took part in fieldwork in the municipalities of Eidsberg (Mysen town), Askim and Spydeberg.

Cesis and Ostfold cooperate again




























19 of September - 26 of September young people involved in PIPE project realization in Latvia traveled to Norway, to Ostold County in order to participate in a double-sided exchange program. In that exchange program took part 3 municipalities from Ostfold County - Mysen, Spydeberg and Askim, therefore young people were divided into 3 different groups - they worked in 3 different municipalities.

At first were presented the Future Charters from Cesis and Mysen, Spydeberg, Askim as well. So we could compare the results and the work what have we done during last year. It looked like everyone has done a great job and deserved recognition. It was very important, in my opinion, that there were represented 3 different municipalities - we had an opportunity to see different works and situations, because each city and town is various and it has something special. Our work was focused on the local Future Charters made in the municipalities. At first we got acquainted with these documents and had discussions about them. After that we drove to the cities and inspected the objects we discussed about. After the inspection in real life the discussions continued and now it was easier to find direct solutions to the problems we focused on. We tried to find the solutions to the problems which are important to the young people, for example, the unemployment problem among youngsters.

It was very important to the Norwegians and Latvians as well, because these two countries are under different circumstances and it is necessary to collect different experience we can learn from. We needed to find out the problems, then to analyze them and after that to make action plans in order to prevent them and improve the situation.

On the next day the workshops continued. After the job was finished we presented it in front of politicians, planning experts and young people participating in the exchange program. After that was taking place a little discussion about the presentations.

We needed to discuss how to prepare for the PIPE Expo exhibition as well. We did it into smaller groups in order to better hear out each other opinion and take it into account. We tried to bring forward some projects and plans to each category included in the PIPE awards.

Of course, we had not only the hard work but the relaxing activities as well. We visited the company Teamkraft and enjoyed the quite extreme activities they offered.

Very interesting I estimate the excursion to the Norway's capital city - Oslo. It was very interesting to visit Skiimuseet, Vikingskipene and Sjofartsmuseet.

If I estimate the exchange program, I can say that it was a very great and necessary event for both countries - Latvia and Norway as well. There are not only direct results - made action plans for the municipalities, made some proposals for the PIPE Expo exhibition and deepened network between the municipalities and young people in Norway. We have made new acquaintances and learned something about a different and interesting culture. And it is great, in my opinion!

Edgars Vimba

Student of Cesis City Grammar school

Member of Steering Committee