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Letter to the estonian partner

An important contribution

Here is a letter from the PIPE management to the estonian partner ,
written after the expo in Ulricehamn.  "The estonian contribution has been
very valuable for us. Everything started out from the great kick-off event that
you organised for us in Tallinn, september 2002".
2004-05-13

by Edgars Vimba

The Youth Conference and future challanges !

"The conference is over, but the ideas will live also after this event as well. The ideas are now collected - and they are very good. But now the ideas must be realized." Egdars Vimba is in this article giving his views about the Youth Conference in Türi and about the future challanges for Türi town.
2004-02-08

Youths and experts analysed Türi town in Estonia

Great days in Türi !

During the three intense last days of January, more than 50 participants from The PIPE team analysed Türi town in Järvamaa county in Estonia. In spite of the cold and snowy winter they explored the town and the municipality.
2004-02-02

Check out the place !

Pictures from Türi

If you are one of the participants that are planning to join the Youth Conference in Türi, you now have the opportinity to check out the place by browsing thorugh some pictures and websites. It's always good to be a little bit prepared before a fieldwork is going to take place.

By Kai Iva, mayor of Türi

Welcome to Türi !

Dear participants of PIPE Youth Conference, I welcome you in the name of Türi Town Government and our people. Türi is a peaceful and hospitable town in the very heart of Estonia. When taking a walk in the town you can see well-tended lovely gardens, pop into the Broadcasting Museum or visit the Church.



2004-01-12

By Elmer Voolaid

Youth exchange between Notodden and Türi

November 4-9 there was a workshop in Türi (Estonia). Ten guests - two teachers and eight youths from Notodden, Telemark county in Norway, visited Järva County. The aim was to experience local entrepreneurship and the youth companies in Türi. The youths were accommodated in the families of local youths participating.

2003-11-23

By Marika Toots, Estonian PIPE co-ordinator

An announcement made by the Türi Town Government

Within the PIPE project Türi Town Government has made an
announcement: "Türi - the youth friendly town'' concerning young people.
The picture shows the town mayor Kaia Iva.
2003-11-12

By Elmer Voolaid

PIPE information day in Türi

23.September youngsters involved with
PIPE or interested in the project, gathered in Türi town government building.
There were representatives from Türi Gymnasium, Türi Business Gymnasium, Türi
College of Tartu University and Türi Technics and Agricultural Economics
2003-09-26 Les mer...

Enterprising Day for schools in Järva County

There was an Enterprising Day for schools in Järva County on 11. April. It was held by Türi Economical Gymnasium, which belongs to the PIPE project. On the day participated 8 schools, including PIPE´s partners Paide Co-Educational Gymnasium and Rapla Vesiroosi Gymnasium.
2003-05-23

Mayor of Türi meets with PIPE youth delegation from Västra Götaland

Thursday March 27, the mayor of Türi Ms. Kaia Iva received a delegation from Västra Götaland. The PIPE project manager Alf Johansen was also joining the meeting and so were the co-ordinators Keili Jogeva Saluveer and Marika Toots.
2003-03-27 More...

Järva meets Västra Götaland

Youth exchange in Estonia

Next week youths from Västra Götaland is visiting Järva. They will be in Türi, but also visit Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.You can read the program here.
2003-03-21 More...

Picture of Estonian partcipants at the Kick-off in Tallinn

Partcipants from Järva and Rapla

Rapla / Järva

Rapla and Järva Counties both have a share in the heart of Estonia. Neither of the counties have a sea border.As for the size Rapla is an average Estonian county with 2,980 km2. The county consists of 14 rural communes. The centre of the county is the town of Rapla (6,320 residents). Rapla is one of the smallest county centres in Estonia.