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EXPO trailer is available

Now we can present one trailer from the EXPO in Ulricehamn. It can be downloaded from here : http://qrm.pri.ee/pipeexpo2004/index.html
2004-09-30

PIPE in a European context

Europe looks to the Future

Prof. Cliff Hague from the Heriot-Watt University presented this article in the british magazine "Planning" the 11 June 2004. He is telling about observations during the PIPE expo in Ulricehamn in Sweden, and have many interesting reflections like "There are future leaders among these kids".
2004-07-23

By Arne Øren, chairman of Østfold county council

An active democracy, the basis for sustainable communities in a secure world

This speech was given at the PIPE EXPO 7 May 2004. Mr. Arne Øren is the president of the Østfold county council. Østfold is acting as the Lead Partner of the PIPE consortium. "Democracy is a challenging form of government. It demands tolerance and openness, active participation and cooperation."
2004-06-20

By Professor Cliff Hague

The PIPE Project: Is there a greater value?


Contributions to Sustainable and Balanced Polycentric Settlement Structures in the Baltic Sea Region and Europe


Introduction and aims

This paper was given at the PIPE meeting in Ulricehamn in May 2004. It seeks to set the PIPE Interreg project in a context of academic research and European policy. It argues that PIPE has tackled important issues, and developed ideas and practices that can make a contribution to regional development. Therefore the paper explores ways in which PIPE might be taken forward.

2004-06-19

by Elin Ulven

Participation, Identity and the PeriphEry

Professor Cliff Hague argued last time we were together, in Türi, that the PIPE-project deals with the periphery of the periphery; the less-developed regions of Northern Europe.

As we have seen and will see during this Expo, PIPE also deals with participation and identity.

These will be the components of the next ten minutes in my summary of the PIPE-project; Participation, Identity and the Periphery.
2004-06-19

EXPO presentations

Speeches and presentations at the PIPE expo 2004 is or will be available at this webpage. Here you can find speeches from different contributors. Some could be downloaded in PDF format.
2004-06-16

by Alf S. Johansen, project manager

Opening speech at PIPE EXPO

Dear mayors and chairmen, official representatives, ladies and gentlemen.

I am very proud to be here today and give my presentation to this large and very qualified audience. Especially I am happy to meet all my young friends and I look forward to be among you during these days here in this beautiful part of Sweden.

To watch your local projects and your youth enterprises will be a nice experience for all of us. The idea behind this EXPO was to use this event as a momentum which could trigger off local actions, new ideas and energy among young people in co-operation with schools, experts and local and regional authorities.
2004-06-15

PIPE in local media

Good news about PIPE

In all participating countries reportages have been produced from the PIPE EXPO and about the various local projects. Here are some of the press reportages which have been published about PIPE in Norwegian media.
2004-06-01

Survey confirms outstanding positive respons

Brilliant results from the PIPE project

94% of all participants wants to continue the PIPE project in some way or another. This is only one of the feedback results from the survey carried out by sociologists in Vilnius. Approximately 200 students, teachers and officials have responded to the questionnaire. Viktoria Zilinskaite and Eugenija Krukauskiene have analysed the results. Their report was presented by Viktorija Zilinskaite at the methodological workshop during the PIPE EXPO in Ulricehamn last week.
2004-05-14

The list of categories and winners

Here comes the winners!!!

On the 8th of May a big celebration took place in Ulricehamn, Sweden. 30 PIPE AWARDS were handed out for different youth projects and youth enterprises. Here comes the winners and the words the Jury wanted to share about the projects !!
2004-05-10

Check out the picture gallery

More photos from EXPO 2004 !

Jaan Kurm has created this picture gallery for us. Here you can find pictures of the stands, the award seremony and much other interesting stuff. Videos will be edited and put out on this site later.
2004-05-14

A big hug from Alytus

The youth of Alytus want to say thank you to everybody who was involved in the PIPE project. Every person is important and everybody can make a difference, but not alone. PIPE unifies people and makes them stronger in their ideas implementation and contribution to all community. We all were given the feeling that we can be heard and can make changes for the welfare of our region.
2004-05-13

Edgars, Mindaugas and Mona awarded at the EXPO

The winner is Edgars !

Edgars Vimba was the great winner at the PIPE EXPO. The project manager handed him the award for most oustanding contribution with following words: "He has been the prince of PIPE. Tonight he will be the King of PIPE" All audience applauded intensively and Edgars could receive a check with 1000 Euros. "This will be a good contribution for my future studies", was his comments.
2004-05-12 Read more

Pictures from the EXPO

This is only a preliminary small part of the upcoming picture gallery which will contain a huge amount of picture and videos. After some days all will be published. http://qrm.pri.ee/toalf/
2004-05-12 Read more

Rovaniemi in Expo

EXPO has just started and the feelings are great!
2004-05-07