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The list of categories and winners
Here comes the winners!!! 2004-05-10
On the 8th of May a big celebration took place in Ulricehamn, Sweden. 30 PIPE AWARDS were handed out for different youth projects and youth enterprises. Here comes the winners and the words the Jury wanted to share about the projects !!

Strand I - Participation/Planning/Identity

A.                  The award goes to project group or class for the best description and presentation of local community

·         Description of local/regional identity and image

·         Description/presentation of own community

The prize A:1

The group has worked hard to find their local identity. Their challenge was to let young people find opportunities in their own region chose the path of cinematography. With hard work and good sense of humor they produced the work of art.

The winner is

Youth Video Film for Alytus, Lithuania

The prize A:2

The group has much time to explore their identity. They saw the need to promote the regional identity and it positive in the best PIPE spirit.

The winner is                 

Regional Identity Promotion Plan, Cesis, Latvia

The prize A:3

Showed really serious approach in going deep into the history at their community, saw the history of many buildings - what they were and what they become. And believe that it is time for some changes and new looks in.

The winner is                 

Askim Documentary, Norway

B.            The award goes to project group or class for Best plan for local development

•               Quality of Future Charter

•               Quality of follow up plan

The prize B:1

A lot of people were involved into the process. And they could be an example for cooperation with local authorities, local media and other local organizations. We must acknowledge that the youth shares the authorities. International cooperation was a great contribution for the results.

The winner is                 

Future Charter in Notodden, Norway


The prize B:2

The future charter is a vision and an agreement for facts in the near and the more distant future. In this charter the inhabitants of a municipality get aware of what the youngsters want to be done next years and the twelve years.

The winner is

Future Charter Tranemo, Sweden

The prize B:3

PIPE is a road. Step by step the youth in this area by studies and activities gets more and more involved in there in there own matters at local level.

The winner is

PIPE Rovaniemi, Finland

C.            The award goes to project group/class/school/ community for best level of co-operation and participation

•               Level of involvement and broad participation in community planning, and degree of serious follow-up by local authorities

The prize C:1

We will now mee a municipalitythat invests into their future by cooperating with a group of enthusiastic young people. They do not only listen but act by accepting and financing interesting projects. There are different projects in this community and it"s imposible to pick one, so we take then all: Crossing Borders, Municipality square, Youth café, Youth café, Youth Council from……..

The winner is

Tranemo, Sweden, for projects Crossing Borders, Municipality square, Youth café, Youth Council

The prize C:2

Making the future is very seldom a job for one person to promote a better future you can gather youth, politicians, community and the big company to build, for example, a park with play grounds for youngsters, youth and even elders.

The winner is

Twinpark in the Centre of Rovaniemi, Finland

The prize C:3

Six young persons can do a lot. These six young persons have given the youth in this town a lot of more possibilities and got them involved in new activities. Pleasure, culture, cleaning and much more.

The winner is

Madclub, Vardo, Norway


Strand II - Entrepreneurship

D.            The award goes to YE for best business idea

•               Simplicity or ingenuity of business idea

•               Possibility for follow-up as a commercial product

The prize D:1

The winner is not only the best but also an idea that is open for creative people in their region, creative in different ways. What we mean by creative - is design.

The winner is

Design Group, Russia

The prize D:2

Products that make you exercise are useful and popular. This company has invented a product that with excitement makes exercise for your fingers.

The winner is

Finger Football, Estonia

The prize D:3

Everyone like to be beautiful. Sometimes we can need some help. Simple and elegant products that put in the special for the arm or the neck.

The winner is

Perlepynt, Notodden, Norway

E.             The award goes to YE for best marketing

•               Evaluation of market possibilities (possible demands e.g. by use of surveys)

•               Quality of  marketing and distribution plans

The prize E:1

Marketing is the whole process: from getting an idea, producing, selling and getting feedback. This idea started in a shower. Smart girl developed the idea of making the grip easy.

The winner is

Easy Grip, Askim, Norway

The prize E:2

Young people educating young people are a good business idea if you do it in a good atmosphere and look upon education as wisdom.

The winner is

Wisdom, Cesis, Latvia

The prize E:3

This group has experienced how to use night market channels to different target groups. To search elderly people it is a good idea to go straight to the organization for elderly people even if you have your own web site.

The winner is

UB Datahjelper'n, Eidsberg, Ostfold, Norway

F.             The award goes to best YE

•               For total of business idea, product, marketing. Organisastion, business case etc.

The prize F:1

People often ask "How to you feel?". And hopefully we can answer that we feel good. Companies dealing with your feelings more than our concrete needs are in advantage. The following company uses a natural product to bring relief and relaxation to our body and soul. You even get relaxed watching their web site.

The winner is

Relax UF, Ulricehamn, Sweden

The prize F:2

Wood is one of the best raw materials for housing and other purposes. Two students surprise by their creativeness, skills of using wood to make our environment more healthy and comfortable.

The winner is

Craftsman, Cesis, Latvia

The prize F:3

This company produce practical things for everyone daily use. Simple raw material becomes nice and useful wooden things wooden things with an individual approach.

The winner is

Woodpeckers, Turi, Estonia


Strand III - general

G.            The award goes to the project / YE with best information and PR

•               Use of local media

•               Quality of presentation on web-site

The prize G:1

We can't underestimate the importance of public relations. And this project really takes advantage of this fact. Learning how to use Mass Media and letting them see how important the youth activities are - is an interesting and important work, but in cooperation with Mass Media you need to have a good message..

The winner is

Youth day, Cesis, Latvia

The prize G:2

The following droup has done a really professional job on their web-site. Good design, easy interface and clear message - to make a real Youth center.

The winner is

Alytus Youth Center, Lithuania

The prize G:3

This group managed to unite all ages and all social statuses under a Mass Media campaign (including radio, TV, newspapers, posters, flyers and whatever not). To find one person - a Hero of Murmansk!

The winner is Agency of Youth Initiatives, Murmansk, Russia

H.            The award goes to the project / YE with best crossborder co-operation within

the BSR

•               Utilization of comparative advantages

•               Access to an international market, e.g. by use of internet

The prize H:1

During the PIPE project there has been a lot of cross border cooperation, for instance important network. It is a hard job to bring cooperation to concrete production. The result of this specific cooperation is something useful and nice to look at: it is calendar. Congratulations to Ostfold Mysen School and Cesis.

The winner is

NL ART, Eidsberg, Norway

The prize H:2

This great event is a real example of a cooperation be involving young people of 7 countries to discuss very important projects of community development.

The winner is

Youth conference, Turi, Estonia

The prize H:3

Creative young people and teachers from Norway and Latvia developed together a brilliant idea. Now everyone can enjoy the unique glass sculpture in Mysen made by Latvian artist.

The winner is

LaNor, Eidsberg, Norway

I.              To class / YE or school for "most outstanding project"

•               May also be given to a good project which deserves recognition, but falls outside the various categories above

The prize I:1

This is a project that really deserves recognition. And a lot of young people are involved. They moved from schoolyards to business offices to make a visible business situation in its region. This is not only an interesting job for the students - it is a big contribution for a business life.

The winner is

The Business Map, Alytus, Lithuania

The prize I:2

It is important to take care of ideas and initiatives from the youth. This is a project, a place, a partnership for development and meeting - an incubator for youth.

The winner is

The Base, Sor-Varanger, Norway

The prize I:3

The following project has a very important message, and the people in the project really care for the future of their communities choosing different ways of approaching youth, choosing their own freedom.

The winner is

Choose Your Own Freedom, Cesis, Latvia.