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Vardø Mayor impressed by TRAVEL FAIR 2003-11-26
After 3 days of hard work the TRAVEL FAIR was opened by the Mayor. Both the local and the regional newspapers were present. Along with the city Head Counsellor and politicians they got very impressed by the 5 youth enterprises.(A slideshow is connected to this article )
The youth put all their effort in making Vardø a place for tourists. Saturday they could proudly present the result. In just a few days they made 5 new enterprises in the tourist industry. The workshop was run by Riitta Leinonen who is the manager of Hexeria, a travel agency in Vardø. Besides from working the youth visited the old fortress, the museum, watched a witch dance, went on a boat trip, to a youth club and a disco. This is how the days went by :

Wednesday : Welcome and intro by Kathrine B. Green in the restaurant Naustet. The young entreperneur Svein H. Holmen inspired the youth to be open minded, creative and innovative. We had some pizza and got to meet eachother.

Thursday : Toril Olsen started the workshop by making the youth think about identity and mirrors. What effects us ? Later a comedian came in pretending to be a typical person from Finnmark. It was really funny. Then we splitted into groups and started to think about our new enterprises. This day we also went to the old fortress, the museum and went to Domen to see the witches dancing around the fire like they did 400 hundred years ago.

Friday : The youth from Murmansk and Rovaniemi went on a boat trip surfing the waves. Then they worked hard all day finishing their plans for the companies and making the stand. In the evening the youth went to a youth club.

Saturday : Last finish before theTravel Fair in Vardø Hotel. A nice opening by the Mayor. We had our last dinner together at The Thai Restaurant. Then the youth went to the local Disco. Then it was time to say goodbye to everone ! The youth in Vardø really enjoyed having visitors from Murmansk, Kirkenes and Rovaniemi and they are more then welcome to come back again another time.

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