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Results adopted
PIPE final evaluation meeting 2004-09-25
PIPE final evaluation meeting September 20 approved the project results and closed the project. Remaining activities are only submitting reports to the Joint Secretariat. Representatives from all partners were gathered in the final meeting in Rovaniemi, and Lead Partner representative Svein Aage Lauritzen chaired the meeting together with representatives from Ostfold county council.
 Also youth representatives were present from all countries and they summarized their experiences in front of the Steering Committee. Everyone involved in PIPE were satifsied with the results and how the project has been managed. External evaluator Professor Cliff Hague confirmed this impression with his presentation. He highlighted the fact that the project had managed to create a lot of enthusiasm and motivation among young people, as well as the project activities were in compliance with the European territorial development strategies.

Senior Advicer Bjorn Opjordsmoen presented the final methodolgy report which will be distributed to partners and externally. All major reports and presentations from the project are collected at one CD which were distributed by the project manager Alf S. Johansen who also summarised his impressions in comparison to the central objectives. The financial report from Trine Moe-Stokstad, the controller in the project stated that there are some money left in the budget and that the economical situation has been under control during the whole project period.

There was a session with discussion in groups, which will be reported to the management.

The meeting ended with a gift seremony. Everyone received famous vase designed by Alvor Alto with an inscription "PIPE - 2002-2004. But the ones that still wanted to receive more gifts ore wishes to come through they went out for a visit to Santa Claus village. If they got any other gifts than they had to purchase themselves is asecret between them and Santa, but anyway a lot of nice pictures were taken. Some captures you can watch at this page.

After the meeting there was a guided walk to explore the Twin Park, established as an initiative from the PIPE project, a playground for all age groups. There was also an interesting reception hosted by the Chairman of Rovaniemi City Council.