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PIPE is closed 2004-10-01
Sept 30, 2004 was the last day of the PIPE project. All activities are now finalised. The project webpage will be open for 5 years until the December 31, 2009. The website will be open for exploration, research and auditing purposes and maintained at the server by Custom Publish. The address will still excist. The discussion forum will be open for life signals and new inputs.
PIPE was a unique experience. People were challenged and they responded with more than 50 local projects and youth enterprises. They contributed significantly to the future development of their hometowns and their regions. They took part in the process of creating the new Europe - a Europe of human citizens working together in peaceful co-operation. We faced big challanges and experienced great moments of hard work, lots of fun and friendship. We in the project management team will thank all of you who contributed to make this such a great project. The PIPE spirit lives on and we are convinced that the PIPE project started something BIG (as Edgars Vimba perfectly expressed it) which will not end by the closure of the PIPE project. Europe and the world need ideas and enthusiasm like we experienced and promoted in PIPE, in a time when dark shadows from war and terrorism are hanging over us, and where globalisation gives a challenge to smaller home towns, far from the central cities. Let us never give up and never surrender. The methodology, the ideas and the network will live. It's up to all of us to stay in contact and to build the new Europe together.

Best wishes to all of you !

Alf S. Johansen
Pipe project manager