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Some words from Mindaugas Budra 2004-06-04
Mindaugas Budra won the second prise for "most outstanding contribution" in the PIPE project. According to the Jury: "He has been one of the key persons at the international events, even from the very beginning. He already was a natural leader before PIPE started, but he has developed his skills and is an outstanding example of other youths and adults about community spirit. He has presented the PIPE project in the local council and has been an active contributor to dissemination of PIPE by the use of the PIPE website and local media." Mindaugas was glad to answer some questions regarding award and PIPE project
  • How do you feel about the PIPE award?

In common: It was a great idea to add some nominations because, in my opinion, it was like an impulsive force. Participants tried their best to be admitted! And there you had the results in Sweden! I think, it helped a lot.  


  • Did you expect to win the award?

Not really. I do consider that I have done quite a lot, though recently I have been inactive in PIPE because of the examination session and "getting-ready" process. The Award proved that everything you do is worth doing.. The best thing is experience. And sometimes other appreciation comes unexpectedly.

I think it's better not to expect a prize, I think the goal-reaching is the most important.


  • Did you like to participate in this project?

Undoubtedly! Although at first it seemed just another opportunity or even time-wasting machine I caught. :))

Nevertheless, I tried to express myself as much as I managed. With participation in PIPE came big amounts of such an useful experience equally.. Therefore at the moment I am truly grateful my lucky star for PIPE. Many international friends, many well-qualified people met, many responsible moments...

In short, it was (and still is. and even will be..) the most versatile project!

I aim to be universal in my life. I am sure PIPE has made its job - many minds have been changed into versatile minds.

The only one thing left is to say: "Thank You Pals, for developing such an incredible idea of PIPE." 


  • What would you like to say for all PIPE'ers?

We shouldn't forget each other. Fellows, don't you have any plans for future cooperation? :) Nope?... Well, and then don't even think you will disappear! We're finishing our exams! :)) Let's think altogether: how to save the spirit of PIPE!


Thank You!


Mindaugas Budra,

PIPE participant,

Individual awards: 2nd prize